Stress Resilience

How much is stress costing your business?

A Survey commissioned by Chest Heart and Stroke in 2016 found 49% of the working age population in Northern Ireland are highly stressed.

HSE reports that work related stress has climbed to its highest rate in 16 years- up 7% on 2015/2106

"Stress rises to become the most common work illness" HSE Nov 2017

Stress affects both our physical, mental and emotional health and reduces our ability to perform at our highest levels. The huge amount of stress we all face is increasingly due to the rapidly accelerating pace of social and economic change.

The frequency and severity of burn out is on the rise, this is at a massive cost to not only productivity but the person too.

Is this how you feel?


Our corporate well-being service uses highly effective proven techniques implemented in 3 different stages tailored specifically to the individual employee. this can provide significant reduction in the individual's stress level often in just 5 or 6 one to one sessions.

Stage 1

effective neutralising techniques to immediately reduce stress levels.

Stage 2

specific stress triggers and developing strategies for corrective action.

Stage 3

stress proofing tactics to ensure ongoing increased resilience to stress.