Why Choose Helen

I am delighted to work with a diverse range of Clients, here are just some kind enough to share their Achievers Excel experience.

"Failing to take control of my poor work life balance, stress, irregular and poor eating habits.

Helen Hughes has turned my life around.

Although it was never in Helen’s gift to alleviate my external pressures, through regular assessment and coaching, she has instilled in me, a physical and mental resilience, which allows me to take the rough and tumble of a senior executive’s daily life in my stride today.

I do not hesitate to refer colleagues and friends to Helen, as I am very grateful for the transformation Helen has helped me achieve in my life."

Dr John Gilliland OBE

"I first started working with Helen 15 years ago following an introductory meeting. Internally I am responsible for our Executive Coaching Programme and as such have referred a number of people to Helen over the years with a variety of development needs. The outcomes in all cases have been extremely positive both professional and personally for individuals.

Helen takes the time to build strong trusting relationships with individuals and then she uses a number of approaches to help support and develop them. This support comes in many guises including practical support tips and strategies. This allows her to engage and focus on the individuals needs as opposed to a one size fits all approach.

As an Executive Coach, Helen has supported our Leadership & Management Development programme for a number of years with great results. In addition Helen has been a successful intervention for individuals who required some additional personal support at possibly a difficult time in their lives. Using a variety of methods she has supported these individuals and ensured they have remained in the workplace which has been of benefit equally to them and the organisation. Helen’s support to all these individuals has been invaluable to them and to our organisation."

Paula Leathem
Senior Business Partner NIE Networks

"I first started working with Helen more than 10 years ago when she was delivering an Executive Coaching programme into our organisation.   Over the last 10 years, I have referred numerous people to Helen and can honestly say with that there have been transformative results.

Helen has a range of skills that I have not seen on offer with any other coach.  I value Helen’s approach because it is holistic and supports the person in a range of ways.

Helen can work at an Executive Coaching level to support senior people to deliver at their full potential.  Particularly supporting the mental toughness and emotional robustness that is needed at this level.

Helen has been particularly strong in assisting with employees who are struggling with stress and feeling very overwhelmed. Through her variety of tools and unique approach Helen has made a huge difference to those employees - many have told me that she has changed their life. From an organisational perspective this works for us as we get an employee back to full power who would otherwise have been off sick or left.

Helen’s support has been invaluable to both our organisation and our employees – she truly does make a difference in people’s lives that enables them to be their best in their life and work."

Gillian McAuley
Group HR Director Devenish Nutrition


I was so, so tired I couldn’t get through my day. I was also really worried that whatever was wrong with me was a permanent state.

I feel “human” and much more “like myself” again full of energy and enthusiasm in my working life and have a full life outside of work.

What this means to me
Its been a life saver seeing Helen – things were so bad initially that I had asked to reduce my days by two per week which would have meant a significant pay cut. I wouldn’t dream of that now – I’m back to 100% so don’t need to contemplate it thanks to Helen."

Kerstie Forsyth
Head of Home Marketing Power NI

"I have worked on my management and leadership skills with Helen for over 20 years. In that time she has assisted me in analysing, refining and growing both my professional and personal skills in ways that have enriched all aspects of my life.

In particular she has sharpened my approach to problem definition and solution.  She provides an important space in my diary to stand back, check and realign bringing clarity and calmness to my practice. Time spent with Helen always produces insight."

Marie Therese McGivern
Director and Chief Executive
Belfast Metropolitan College

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